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The Selex ecommerce portal brings together in a single “container” the ensigns and the values of the Group

( Trezzano s/N, Milan, April 27, 2017 )-Selex Group, third operator of modern distribution with a market share of 11.7%, today presented in Milan the new ecommerce Portal “CosìComodo” ( online shopping project , which brings together in a single “container” offering more signs. 

The portal can offer various types of services and to cover the entire national territory. 

The goal is to quickly become the reference for all users throughout Italy that wants to buy food on the web. 

Selex group, CosìComodo represents an opportunity to exploit the features of their local leadership of its insignia and, simultaneously, to capture significant synergies, organizational and communication technology investment. 
The portal was made trying to reconcile a differentiated approach to teaching, territory and selling format with the need to ensure, with a single centrally managed platform, uniformity and efficiency of the service provided. 
Of course the newborn project provides a route with various steps of development and the progressive involvement of all insignia that belong to Selex.

Today there are three which have already enabled the three service outlets, hemisphere (Unicomm Group), the giant and Mercatò (Dimar) and the response from the public, from the earliest days, was very positive.

The first is accompanied by other signs and so many shops, so as to ensure the service from North to South of the peninsula.

Also regarding the purchasing patterns and modes of delivery, CosìComodo is an evolving process which, by interfacing with customers, will be enriched soon with new solutions in line with their expectations. 
The development team is already working on the next stages of the service, which will see the activation of payment online and home delivery on some areas where priority will be considered this kind of service. 
Another important step to offer an additional service to consumers, but also an interesting opportunity to capture potential customers and explore new markets.

With this investment said Ali Pocket, Chief Executive Officer of Selex our group starts doing ‘ gym ‘ in the world of ecommerce, but does so with a strategic approach and of medium to long term. CosìComodo enables our Partners to the development of different models of ecommerce and aims to be a reference point for customers on line, thanks to the breadth of products and services to reach out will be able to offer. Customers love to choose and want to service, and we will give them a choice and service, on a single platform that will cover the inside national territory and that, ultimately, can also accommodate external partners to the Group “.

How does CosìComodo
the user who “lands” on CosìComodo insert your location and the system proposes supermarkets active in his area. 

Once you have chosen the insignia, can buy online, through a wide range of products, any item for sale in your supermarket of confidence, from large national brands until specialties. 

Navigating between departments, can add to cart from dairy products to frozen, through personal care items to the classics of the pantry. But it is among the freshest that the service CosìComodo has its flagship. 

Everything is prepared just before delivery of the goods, to ensure maximum freshness, directly at the counter served as specialized personnel: bakers, caterers, butchers …

The customer, upon ordering, may decide how to prepare the product, the cutting of meat, fish, the thickness of the slice of the meat or vegetable origin.

Each teaches daily update their range. 

Online promotions are always able to satisfy customers more price conscious, seasonal produce (fruit and vegetable species), private labels and a wide range of proposals which meet the consumption trends, from gluten-free organic.

Consumers can also use the loyalty card of his supermarket of trust and enjoy the private initiatives to holders, just as they do in physical point of sale.

A major plus of ecommerce by Selex is that consumers can access it alternately from the site of the sign or the CosìComodo site.

To help you compose your shopping cart so quick and easy, CosìComodo offers easy to use how effective:

-advanced filters to refine your search including: area of origin of the product, price range, or presence of a promotion, exclusion of allergenic ingredients , lifestyle;
-shopping list: who does repeat purchases, you can insert the list and with a single click adds them all to cart;
-products purchased more frequently: the portal holds memory each customer’s shopping and proposes the products you buy most often;
-tips: depending on the product listings you see, the system suggests
other products that customers browsed the same tabs, they bought.
Filled the cart, the customer places the order, specifying the preferred time, and goes easily to collect and pay the fees at the point of sale or in the dedicated area, where the attendants will help you load it in the car. The service is provided throughout the day, following the timetable of the supermarket, so as to ensure the needs of those who, during the hours of work or study cannot travel to pick up groceries. The new portal is supported by an intensive communication within retail outlets involved and institutional sites of banners.

The Selex Group

With 15 Member companies, Selex, third modern retail operator with a market share of 11.7%, is present throughout Italy with a sales network consisting of 2,516 outlets and a workforce of over 31,000 employees. 
In 2016, the turnover reached 10.3 billion euros, an increase of + 4%. In 2017 is expected further growth of + 4.2% that will bring your business to 10.8 billion. 
the insignia are Famila, A&O and C + C, alongside regional brands often leader on the territory. 
SELEX trade group is part of the purchasing Central ESD Italy in turn Central partners EMD, leader in Europe.

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Nasce l’Indice per valutare l’innovazione nel trattamento delle Demenze nei Paesi G7 Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:13:00 +0000

presented Dementia Innovation Readiness Index : the index that identifies the opportunity to promote solutions and collaboration for the treatment, prevention and care of dementia in G7 Countries

Kyoto, April 27, 2017 -Yesterday, April 26, 2017, within the 32nd International Conference of ADI in Kyoto (Japan) Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) and Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) launched the Dementia Innovation Readiness Index an unprecedented comprehensive evaluation of innovation in treatment, prevention and care of dementia in G7 Countries .
“since it was launched on the market the latest new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease more than a decade ago, the prevalence of dementia has skyrocketed and the global population of older people is growing rapidly,” says Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of ADI

“Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias require immediate attention and constant treatment, assistance, prevention and social inclusion, and the index seeks to identify opportunities and create conditions for innovative approaches. Our hope is to induce Governments and policy makers to identify best practices and to learn from each other. ”

The index examines the current scenario, in which actions to counter dementia are expressed in terms of the benefits and criticality of innovation .

The full report, available at and the main findings and recommendations, as well as the G7 countries rankings for 10 basic categories.

“If the current situation remains unchanged, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias will be the financial and healthcare nightmare of our generation,” says Michael w. Hodin, CEO of GCOA . “We need immediate action. Lawmakers must hurry to define meaningful endpoints and facilitate timely diagnosis and recruitment in clinical trials. Institutional and political leaders must take charge of the problem and devote the attention it deserves. Governments should promote, encourage and stimulate companies to innovate. The solutions do not arrive right away, but the time has come to engage in innovation “.
Gabriella Salvini Porro, President of the Federation Alzheimer Italy says:
“Like non-profit Italian organization dedicated to the care and support of people with dementia and their family members, we are honored to participate in the International Conference of ADI and the launch of Dementia Innovation Readiness Index. Unfortunately we cannot refrain from observing that Italy, among the seven most developed States of the planet, is in last place in terms of innovation in the treatment, prevention and treatment of dementia.

Remember when in London, in December 2013, convened the Summit of the G8, which called “historic” because it allowed the decision of various measures to be taken to address the global epidemic of dementia (including: developing an international plan and increase funding for research, invite the who and the OECD to declare dementia a public health threat and support countries to affect their health and social systems in order to improve the care and services for people with dementia). 

At that time British Prime Minister David Cameron had stated: no matter where you live, dementia steals lives and destroys families. That is why we are gathered here and we are determined to defeat it .

In response to these decisions, a few months later in Geneva was born the World Alliance for the fight against Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the first body moved with the intent to promote global collaboration between Governments, international NGOs, associations and institutions in an effort to educate the public, combat stigma that dementia carries and coordinate actions to improve care and services for the sick. The Federation Alzheimer Italy was the only Italian witness of the birth of the Alliance.

Other 3 years have passed and the Dementia Innovation Readiness Index puts us back to reality: the world is making strides in the fight against dementia, prepares to face huge numbers that this disease brings with it-46.8 million sufferers worldwide-and the Italy, with resources and culture of which can take advantage , is still in last place , with very different situations depending on the regions. We can’t stay properties in looking!

The Federation Alzheimer Italy wants to be once again within our country spokesman of developments and decisions at the international level: we ask the institutions, but also to associations and bodies that deal with dementia, to work even more hard to allow the sick and their families believe that a better quality of life you can really achieve “.
Dall’Indice showed in particular that:

A coordinated and continuous leadership by heads of Government and most influential institutions constitutes a key driver of progress in innovation of dementia.
Research funds are increasing, but those for dementia should be commensurate with the impact of the disease and also include caring for people with dementia.
Innovation is essential to ensure that the support staff (General practitioners, neurologists, other specialists, formal and informal caregiver) can meet the growing demand.
Early recognition and diagnosis of dementia, as well as the subsequent enrollment in clinical trials of people diagnosed with the disease, help a lot to understand the progression since its inception and to find a treatment.
People with dementia should be able to choose the type and level of assistance throughout the course of the disease and Governments must encourage more options to ensure the highest possible level of service.
Interdisciplinary and trans-national public-private collaboration, helps to promote the exchange of best practices and accelerate innovation in treatment, prevention and care of dementia.
“the index is a valuable tool for programmers, scientists, academic institutions, associations and enterprises, as it presents a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the countries and, above all, creates a platform for sharing and collaboration with which foster innovation,” says Jeff Huber, President and CEO of Home Instead Senior Care a leader in the provision of home care services globally and member of GCOA. “The solution of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia involves new methods, many of which are described in the table of contents.”

Country-by-country assessments of the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany Index reveal that are at the top of the list for availability to innovation, showing that a strong national leadership and steady, targeted and coordinated effort towards recognition and diagnosis, new approaches to research and access to innovative treatments, sustainable payment systems and a commitment to public-private partnerships are all key drivers of innovation .

“to combat the scourge of dementia dobWe must go beyond the conventional mindset, which so far has led to measurable progress, ‘ comments d. Yves Joannette, President of the World Dementia Council . ” The analysis and direction indicated by Dementia Innovation Readiness Index will help all G7 countries and also other global leaders prepare to respond to the global challenge posed by dementia.”

The index has been built thanks to the contributions made through interviews and surveys on over 40 global opinion leaders and topic experts, including scientists, associations, institutional programming, researchers, corporate leaders and people with dementia representing thousands of stakeholders involved in the fight against dementia, but also thanks to research carried out through global authority in Alzheimer’s disease , other dementia and aging.
To read the Executive Summary:

Per read the full report:

ADI-Alzheimer’s Disease International is the International Federation of Alzheimer associations around the world , 85 which maintain official relations with the World Health Organization. The vision of ADI in the prevention, care and inclusion today as well as tomorrow’s care. ADI believes that the key to winning the war against dementia is a unique combination between global and local knowledge. In this sense, Alzheimer associations locally by delegating work promoting and providing care and support to people with dementia and who cares for them, and globally to attract attention on dementia and promote campaigns for political change through Governments. For more information please visit

Global Coalition on Aging is designed to change how global leaders are approaching and prepare for the ageing of the population planned for the 21st century. The GCOA brings together global bodies in various industries with common strategic interests in aging of the population, a thorough knowledge and systemic aging and an optimistic view of its impact. Through research, public policy analysis, support campaigns and strategic communications, GCOA promotes innovative solutions and work to ensure that global aging will be a fiscally sustainable path of economic growth, by generating social value and increasing wealth. For more information please visit

The Federation Alzheimer Italy sole representative for Italy of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), is the largest national nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of medical and scientific research into the causes, cure and care for Alzheimer’s disease, support, and support of patients and their family members , to the protection of their rights in both administrative legislation. Brings together and coordinates 47 associations dealing with the disease and work at national and local level to create a network of help around the sick and their families.

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EP PRODUZIONE aderisce al network Italia loves Sicurezza 2017 a favore della giornata mondiale della salute e sicurezza sul lavoro Thu, 27 Apr 2017 11:18:00 +0000

Rome 2 7 aprile 2017 D omani 2 8 aprile EP Produzione [celebreràla Giornata mondiale della Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro con una serie di iniziative presso tutte le proprie sedi. 

Da sempre attenta alla sicurezza e alla salute d e in propri dipendenti e dei propri collaboratori, l ‘ azienda, from principali di produttori energia elettrica del Paese, aderisce in questo modo all ‘ invito della Fondazione LHS ( Leadership in Health and Safety ) e del network Italy Loves Sicurezza facendosi the ambassador della of campagn a di sensibilizzazione da loro promossa a your favore del la prevenzione e delle malattie degli infortuni professionali a livello global.
In particolare nel corso della giornata e no giorni successivi l ‘ azienda ha organizzato in tutte le proprie sedi lo svolgimento di una S afety H our: ancestral ora dedicata alla riflessione e al lineup sulla sicurezza , con la partec ipazione di tutti in the dipendenti

L e persone di Produzione EP condivideranno le proprie esperienze sui temi of consapevolezza del rischio con un focus sui comportamenti da tenere in relazione all 7 insidie” theme su cui verte la campagna international di sensibilizzazione in corso ovvero le situazioni pericolose potenzialmente che ci si trova ad affrontare negli impianti di produzione .
EP Produzione pone la salute e la sicurezza delle persone al primo posto tra le priorità aziendali e si impegna a diffondere la consapevolezza Dell ‘ importanza di applicare le procedure e in che comportamenti contribuiscono a garantire un ambiente sicuro .
Tutt in the gli impianti Dell ‘ azienda hanno conseguito la certificazione OHSAS per la S alute e S icurezza dei lavoratori e hanno ottenuto la registrazione ambientale EMAS e let certi ficazione ambientale ISO 14001.
Con l ‘ adesione al movimento Italy L oves S icurezza EP Produzione si unisce a centinaia di the ambassador in tutta Italy che hanno deciso di celebrare la Giornata Mondiale della Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro con eventi e iniziative sul theme. 

EP Produzione è la società italiana di generazione elettrica del Gruppo energetico ceco EXCHANGES PER HOUR
L ‘ azienda gestisce nel Paese una capacità di generazione complessiva di 4.3 GW, attraverso cinque impianti a gas e una a carbone. 
Il Gruppo EXCHANGES PER HOUR ( Energetický a průmyslový holding) è un gruppo energetico europeo di primo piano e attività che gestisce possiede in Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Germania Regno Unito, Italy, e Ungheria .

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